Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Trading Dignity for a Dollar

I hope everyone had a good weekend. If I have any readers from Arkansas I am praying that your homes are in tact and your family is safe after the thunderstorms and tornadoes you faced this weekend. I was there in Carlilse after the storm hit and my heart hurt for the families that lost there homes. My in-laws just moved there and we were helping them move and Friday at 1:00 and F2 tornado hit this small town. Thank you Lord that my family was not hit and not so much as a tree limb struck their home. However some homes were completely flattened just 2 streets over. I have never seen anything like it and all I could do was think of the people that lost everything in a matter of minutes. I am thinking about and praying for you.

Now on to the storm in my personal life ie..baby brain. I am 2 days late and would be excited but I just feel my period is immanent and due to many google searches I now know that Clomid can make you late. Plus I have taken a gazillion pregnancy test and they are all negative.

So I make my oh so frequent trip to the Dollar General last night because they have been out of pg tests. I walk up to the counter because apparently some people do not want to pay a dollar they would rather steal the tests so they have to be kept behind the counter and you have to ask for them.

There are a million people in line and I whisper to the lady what I need and she says which one and I say either is fine. I ask how many she has because I am thinking about buying several so I don't have to keep coming back. This is what this happens:

Old lady: hoists up two big boxes on the counter in front of everyone "This enough for you"

Me: "ummm, I was thinking like 3 of them"

Old lady: " here you go it will be $3.25 but I guess you already knew that didn't you?"

Me: "(smile)yeah I am familiar with the price..ha ha" yes i know how much they cost because i buy them every month and obsess just waiting for that extra pink line. I keep coming back so obviously I keep trying and its not working you old bat. Thank you for calling attention to my frequent visits in front of everyone..really i appreciate it.

The test was negative and Eric griped at me for making myself upset at dinner. I said "ya know it doesn't matter if I take the test or not I still feel the same way.

God if you are reading this please do not give me my period on Mother's Day that is my simple prayer.

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Jen said...

What a mean old lady! How ridiculous!

If I were you, I'd buy some tests online in bulk. I think they are cheaper than a dollar each and then you'd have a lot.