Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ok, I did my hsg yesterday and it was great doctor said there was no problems and tubes are clear. I looked at him and said "Well what is the problem then?" I just knew that was going to be the problem. Don't get me wrong I am glad my plumbing is perfect but that does not tell us what is wrong.

Eric and I had the uncomfortable conversation on the way home about him. I feel that we need to get him tested and he wants no part of that. After the anger subsided I started thinking about it and I understand sort of. But it has to be done. I thought about maybe getting a kit from GNC or online so that he can test at home but have no clue how accurate those are. So how do I convince my husband that we need to check on his side of things and that no this does not make you less of a man but more of one for wanting to do what is needed for his family?

I am jumping around in topic but I must comment on hsg some more. I had to go to the Dr. office and get a cathater and then go to hospital. It was not as bad as I thought it would be but I did have some major cramping. Watching my vacant uterous on tv was pretty cool and I was suprised at how small my tubes are. My doctor said sometimes this is all it takes for pregnancy so we shall see.

E has 3 more baseball games so that will keep me busy next couple of weeks.


Jen said...

I'm glad everything was all clear on the HSG.

No guy likes the testing, but it has got to be done. I think there is some good stuff out there in the blog world about that kind of testing.

Jendeis said...

So glad that the HSG went well. I too had the minor cramping, but was relieved that it wasn't worse!

I'm sorry that your DH is having trouble getting his head around having to do the testing. My husband didn't want to have the tests either. What changed that was that I laid it out and said, my goal is to have a child, is that your goal too? If so, are you willing to do what it takes to achieve that goal? Right now, what it takes is having an SA.

Find out what he's truly uncomfortable about. Is it that he feels that you will blame because it's "his fault," or is that he's uncomfortable with having to "make the deposit" in a public place? My husband was able to do that at home and bring the sample in.

Jendeis said...

Oh, and thanks for posting on my blog! :)

Alison said...

Yay for clear HSG!! The relief for me brought me tears. Whew!

Sorry about hubby not wanting to make a deposit. After multiple SA's in my home, I had to nudge him along. There is something horrifyingly unmanly in doing it I guess??? I agree with jendeis... can you tell him it can be done in the comfort of your home? In the beginning, my husband did not want anything to do with doctors but after explaining that it's about the whole package and that his part is NOTHING compared to my part, he agreed to see the doctor. Once I got him in the door the doctors took over and did all the coaxing. Good luck to you!