Friday, December 4, 2009

The real post

Sorry about yesterday I accidentally hit publish and I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to come up with a post. Do you know how many times I have sit down at my computer to post? Its on my mind all the time. Even Eric is asking when I am going to blog again.

The truth is I want to put up the really profound post explaining how we are mystified by the new little creature the fills our days and nights. How I can't believe we survived the last 5 years without his little warm body snuggled up against us when he is sleeping.

I can't put into words how all the epic fails in our lives don't seem to matter when we look at his smile.

When we settle down in the rocker at night to nurse before bed I just stare at his wonderful blue eyes and everything is right.

I could go on and on about how wonderful this baby is. He is a champion sleeper. Always wakes with a smile. He is a great nurser. Chooses to chill in his bouncer or swing and look at things rather than be held. But. Its just doesn't look like much when I read it back to myself.

No words can describe how incredibly blessed I am to have my two boys and my INCREDIBLE husband.

How do show happy in black and white?

Maybe this will help.

Con*ner Er*ic.
Born September 16th, 2009
8 pounds 11(and a half) ounces. (I told you he would be a hoss.)
Wonderful uncomplicated birth.
Scary gas (for me) the day after, followed by a very humbling enema that deserves it's OWN post. Seriously. AWFUL.

Mom, Dad, and brother couldn't be more proud.


To A T said...

Hooray for breaking the silence!! We have all been wondering about you!

Glad everyone is doing well and I can't wait t hear the enema story HA!

Morgan Owens said...

He is absolutely precious! Sooo cute! I just want to squeeze those cute little cheeks!
I didn't "potty" for like a week after I had him, it was literally the most awful constipation I have ever had!! Sorry for the TMI! I'm glad your baby is healthy and cute as ever...and thank you for updating us! :)

Marie said...

T- Two Words...TRAPPED GAS.

Morgan- Thanks, we think he is pretty. My Doc wouldn't let me leave the hospital until I did my doody(heh). I couldn't eat until I passed gas.

Beautiful Mess said...

Awww how sweet is the picture of him snuggling the bear?! Totally makes my heart melt! I'm so glad you are all doing well and blissfully in love with you BOYS!!!

ACK, sorry about the gas. Sounds horrible. Take care, love!

looking4#3 said...

Absolutely perfect!!! I am so happy for you. I can't believe I have missed all of your updated posts. I am catching up now.
As for the little guy, I can totally read the joy and excitement jumping off the page!