Monday, June 16, 2008

Avon sunblock is a don't

Our Fathers Day weekend was great. Both of our dads were at our house and Eric and I made steak and eggs for breakfast. I then took my dad (and step-mom) fishing. I was kind of bummed at first becuase I wanted some alone dad time but it was ok and she never been fishing with him before and she had a really good time. Shawn and his dad stayed home and watched a movie and the race. We then grilled hamburges and brauts(sp?) for dinner. All in All it was a great weekend.

While fishing I used avon sunblock that also repels bugs. Well, I do not have any bug bites but I have a massive sunburn on my shoulders. My advice, don't skip a step use a good sunblock and insect repellant.


Io said...

Doh. I hope it gets better. I hate getting burned. All weekend I kept dodging out of the sun because five minutes and I'm fried.

bendingbackwards said...

Ouch on the sunburn! Hope it heals quickly and doesn't peel. =)

DH gets an F on putting sunblock on me- I said, "Back and Shoulders." He did back of shoulders- now I have his lovely handprint on my back. So much for wearing anything backless for the next few weeks.

Jen said...

Darn. Because sunblock with bug repellent in it is such a good idea.

Alison said...

Ewwe, dumb avon! Sounds like you had a nice day though!