Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well I missed the NaComLeaveMo by about 12 hours I am such the procrastinator but.. I have been reading all the awesome blogs that made the cut. They are awesome I really encourage you to head over there and check out some of these great blogs. I have added a couple of great ones to my list of must reads.

We spent Saturday at Six Flags and had a wonderful time. I love love love six flags. We bought season passes and this was our first trip of the summer. I woke up at 6:30 and ran to my sons room and proceeded to jump on his bed singing the six flags theme song. (You know on the commercial where the old man is dancing?) We got ready in record time and were out the door ready for some action.

Now let me tell you some things about E. He is extremely cautious. He will not go skateboarding without a helmet. He always wears his safety belt and it terrified of the air bag because the caution sticker says you have to be 12 to ride with the air bag on. He asks me every time we get in the car if his air bag is turned off because he does not want to die. He does not like air planes and hopes to never have to go anywhere that requires us to have to ride in one.

I have this unnatural desired to hang upside down and plummet several stories at super high speeds. I like all the rides big or small, and I just want to share this joy with my child. He would have not part of it. He did ride some but said he would ride all the others when he turned 16.

We had a great time anyway though. I plan on working on him this summer. I even offered the boy money so we shall see.

As far as the fertile chase goes there is not much to tell. I did take it easy at six flags just in case well that and the fact I had no riding partner but I don't have much hope. Aunt flo was kicking the shit out of my uterus this morning so she is not far away.


Io said...

I'm with E! No fst rides for me, thanks!
Sorry about AF.

Jen said...

I love Six Flags! We went to Universal today and had a great time.