Thursday, June 26, 2008

Early bird

Ok, I woke up this morning so sure that my period will start today. I had horrid cramps and lower back pain. As you know I haven't been keeping track of anything this month because I just sick to death of disappointment. Anyhoo, when I got to work I was going back over my posts and I am only on cd23. I don't know if old flo hag is coming early or what. My bewbs are so sore they woke me up when I would roll over last night so....

I am making a list of all the things I get to do on vacation if I am not pregnant. That way when she shows up I will not be too disappointed

1. Drink margaritas at Mitiera's
2. Hang upside down at Fiesta Texas (so very excited about this)
3. Tan my white self for the trip due to wearing a bathing suit.
4. espresso shots to hang with my kiddo through two days of amusement parks.
6. I would say less hormonal but I don't really know about that one as I am always pretty hormonal.


Jen said...

That's a good list! I will be hoping that you can't do any of it, of course.

kate said...

Aww. Your post made me miss Texas. One of the perks of living in Austin was having San Antonio so close by (and thus being able to eat at Mi Tierra's ANYTIME!). Jealous!!!

Amber said...

I have to agree with your #5. It seems like years since I have been able to take an A*vil without checking my chart.

Don't forget the sunscreen! Nothing ruins a vacay like a sunburn.