Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Girl Crush?

OK so I have been absent for a few days and I have a really good reason, I do I promise. Meet Ashley, one of the funniest bloggers I have found. I found her blog and have been a total psycho reading all posts. If I find a really great blog I have to go back from the beginning I guess I am an ocd blogger who knew? I am not ocd about anything ever I am a total slacker but I am getting off topic here. So Ashley is it this chick is HIlarious! She says things like Hella-pissed and fucktard. I have never had a girl crush and while she openly admits to having them I am just not in that place. BUT, If I were to HAVE a girl crush SHE would be it. I know for some who read this blog it is hard to read mommy blogs but hers is so much more. I believe if you check her out you will not be sorry.

My in-laws are here this week also so I have been spending time with them. They are moving here and are looking for a place. I am very excited I think they are the bees knees, hee hee just wanted to say that. I was really close to telling my mom-in-law about my blog but I just don't think I can yet. I would NEVER tell my mother. I love her but we are VERY different and I just would not be comfortable nor would she. We lightly touch on my fears of infertility time to time but there is not an openness(?) like there is with mom-in-law. I will call mom-in-law lady p cause I think that is cute. We bonded super fast and get along great. I really love Mr. P too. My husband is a carbon copy of him so it is fun to see what he is going to be like later in life. I think the move here will be great for all of us.

Well I gotta get off here and go to bed,

Take care


Io said...

I'm glad you're happy to have your in-laws moving closer! I'd like my SIL and her kids to be closer, but my MIL and FIL? I love them, but maybe not so much.
I get tons of girl crushes on fellow bloggers. Especially before I started blogging I would read somebody's blog from beginning to present. And when I started blogging and people I had read started writing back to me? It was like getting mail from a celebrity. I guess I am kind of pathetic like that...

Jen said...

I do the same thing and go back and read from the beginning!