Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My baby is home

Summer is bittersweet for because E goes back and forth from me to his dad every week. Well, this past week was a long one because the weekend before last was Father's day with his father automatically gets and then it was his week. I was completely without child for 11 days. I did see him some for scout day camp and things like that but it was still very hard.

I feel that I do not fit sometimes. On one hand I am a mom and have a child at home and have the family dinners and vacations and such. Then half the time it is just me and Eric wishing the house was not so quiet.

I could blog about parenting and joint custody and all the hardships that includes.

I also have the overwhelming desire to blog about wanting another child and being a full time mom sharing the joys with Eric.

See how I really do not seem to have a niche?

So what will I do about it? I will not label myself and blog about whatever is on my mind any given day. The joys of being my little one's mother, the wonderful quiet moments with my husband and the struggles of not being able to expand our family.

Right now I am pretty content and happy knowing that my son will be home all week. I totally spoil him after not seeing him for a week. I let him stay up late and we eat pizza. Last night we sat in the bed and ate pop-ice and watched Hannah Montana(he like the show because "she is hot".) I woke up the light snoring and to my child taking up THE WHOLE bed it was good.

We are going to Sea World in two weeks and I found out that they have sleepovers we are going to suprise him by letting him go one night while are there. I am excited but a little nervous but I know that he will have a great time.

Oh and I am half-way through my two-week wait and didnt even know it.


Jen said...

Joint custody has to be really hard.

A SeaWorld sleepover is totally awesome! Can I go?

kate said...

Ah, the IF blogworld is so full of nuanced scenarios that I kind of wonder how much all of us really do have in common. In the end, it's the want for a baby and not being able to have one. Yes, the details matter, but in the end, that one truth of a longing unfulfilled means that no matter what you blog about, at your core, we all kind of understand, you know?

I struggle with this myself because H and I have stepped off the TTC merri-go-round, but we were never really fully on it in the first place, so where does that put me? I just write about life and hope that others understand, you know?

Sigh. I'm with you on that one.

Io said...

Yay for the kid being home!
And i ditto completely what Kate said - I mean, I have nothing about ttc to really write about. And yet I write every other day! I think it would be interesting to hear about joint custody.

Alison said...

I think we all enter our blog thinking it to be about one certain topic and then once we get to writing we somehow feel bad when it leads to other things, which btw is ridiculous. You should blog about whatever your little heart is feeling. That what makes a blog a good blog. :)

Aunt Becky said...

Joint custody can be brutal. Just brutal. I've always wanted to talk about it on my own blog, but I'm not sure I have anything to say but how much I hate it sometimes. And that isn't very constructive, is it?

Amber said...

I don't write just about IF either. Hope you have a glorious time with you little one. That 2 ww is almost over.