Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well Eric and I had some much needed time together tonight. Dinner and a movie in the next po dunk town over.

The dinner review: We decided to try a fish place that we have seen several times and never been there. Now I live in a small town so we don't have things like sushi or any of that fancy stuff. If you want anything better than Apple bees, Chilli's, or Red Lobster you have to drive into Dallas. We are usually trying to find some new place for variety so this fish place seemed to fit the bill. sucked greasy grimy goffer guts (so sorry for that but I have worked a boyscout camp all week and this description totally fits.) Everything was really sweet as if they had added sugar to every recipe. The food was cold and, besides the sugar, had no flavor. Also for what we spent we should have went to Red Lobster and...we could have had cocktails.

The movie: Well I finally got to watch Sex and the City. Now, before you start talking ugly about me draggin Eric, it was his idea. My poor husband was one of the only two men in the theatre. However, he did watch the movie and he didn't make fun of it like I totally would if we were watching something he wanted that I didn't like. I though all was well and as we were driving out of the parking lot he said, "Does Wal-mart have those things that washes your eyes?"
"My eyes actually need an enema after watching that movie."

I for one thought the movie was great. I had heard mixed reviews and was very curious being addicted to the TBS version. There were several points that I actually had tears in my eyes and I also laughed big belly laughs a couple of times so I would recommend it. However, save your hubby and bring a girlfriend. My husband came home and went straight to bed which makes me think he may be to emasculated to give me any. A great date movie? I think not, Oh well

Sweet Dreams


Io said...

Ha! An enema for his eyes! Poor thing. Well, I'm glad *you* had fun at least!

Jen said...

Hmmm, Red Lobster sounds good. If I tell Matt that, he'll have me there in the next twenty minutes. Red Lobster is one of his favorite places. I'm sorry the new restaurant didn't work out. At least you know now.

kate said...

heh, heh. An eye enema...

And that fish place sounds nasty (though now, I'm craving Red Lobster for lunch!).

Amber said...

I hate it when we go out to eat and it's bad. Very sweet of your Dh to go with you.