Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gold Nuggets

I feel a whole lot better today. I started to stay in bed this morning but then I thought about E's baseball game and new that I couldn't skip work and show up there so I got up and got dressed and you know what? I am glad I did. Today is not so bad. I have terrible cramps not the, ugg my tummy hurts and i am a little bloated. I have the, holy crap this must be what it feels like to be kicked in the nuts, kind of pain. But...wanna here the silver lining? Even though I am not to thrilled with my new highly recommended gyno, I (heart) his nurse. She has called me in some Vicodan and I will be picking it up in about an hour.

I also called to set up Eric's appointment with the sperm analyzer. He will not be in the office until Monday. I did ,however, have the pleasure of speaking to his nurse who I do not (heart) yet. Apparently they will not even bill insurance for this because they NEVER pay for it. I tried to tell her that my insurance company pays for weird things and they covered my hsg at 100%. She said "Good for you but we are still not billing them." I asked her how much this cost and are you ready????

600 smackers.

This seems high to me but since we have never had this done. Is it high? Did anyone else have insurance cover it? I just don't want to do it here when we could drive about 45 mins where there are more competition and it be cheaper. If you have any advice I would be very grateful.


Io said...

WHHHAAAAT? Al's was somewhere in the neighborhood of $100.
And I think insurance does often cover SAs, because even if they don't cover IF treatment, they'll cover diagnosis. I would definitely call around elsewhere.

Jen said...

Yeah, they should at least bill for it!

Kacie said...

Good grief! Maybe you can call your insurance company, say, "Hey, you're covering this, right? Ok, can you please send me a letter showing that, so I can take it to my doctor's office?"

I hope it works out.

Alison said...

My insurance covered all our SA's and the Kruger's test but I have no clue how much it was.