Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Lily

This star-gazer lily is my first garden success. It is my absolute favorite flower. It is always included in the bouquets that my husband picks for me on any occasion. It was the main flower in my bridal bouquet that my husband had made and brought to me right before I walked down the aisle because he read that the groom is supposed to buy the bouquet. It was included in the bouquet that was sent to my office from our main office because of a good job I did in a big promotion we had.

Whenever I look at it I am reminded of the great things in my life. The smell is sweet and subtle just like my husband. The colors are just my taste.

Now I have these flowers by my front door to look at everyday and be reminded of all the great things in my life.


Io said...

That is *gorgeous*
How sweet that your husband brought you your bouquet.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Beautiful! I am impressed.

kate said...

Oh, so pretty! Everyone with their lilies is making me jealous!

Peeveme said...

Well, congratulations on your success. It's nice to have things around to remind us how wonderful life is...especially when life is sucking at the moment. All it takes is a flower, a good conversation, a favorite song to turn a mood around. My fav flower is hydrangea...it was also my bridal bouquet. Maybe I'll go get myself some today just because.