Saturday, September 6, 2008


No not the chocolate, gooey, yummy but fatty ones. I mean the magical ones that come out and clean while you are sleeping. Oh how I wish I had my own team of brownies. I have been cleaning all morning and it sucks donkey balls. I have been letting my house go and my sweet little (huge) puppy said "enough, what can I do to make mommy clean house?" To answer the question; she decided to CHEW up everything while we were sleeping. She got my new cell phone (you know the cool new one that I can get online and check up with my darling bloggie buddies),Our comforter(ok because I have been wanting a new one for quite some time),some poor gutless stuffed animal, and the last pair of shoes that didn't have puppy teeth in them. So now I am sifting through the wreckage. I have insurance on my phone so at least I don't have to pay another $200 or so. I guess that will teach me to run out of raw hide chews huh? She is now outside like "hey, its Saturday and you are home so LET ME IN!!! Nope, not happening. If my little *norbit doesn't stop whining he is going to.

*Just to let you know the names of my animals have been changed for blogging purposes. They are slightly unusual names that might be a beacon light for those who know me so here is what I decided for pet names:

Norbit-My Chihuahua
Resfusha-My lab
Ragamuffin-Kitty next door that showed up in middle of night that new neighbors just got but can't find the time to take care of.
Junk yard Dog-Eric's cat that rules the roost and makes our yard a war zone for wandering pests and other animals.


Anonymous said...

On the chewing issues... Oh the joy of puppyhood... The Nylabone is highly recommended. I also have good luck with constant rawhides, awesome pig's ears treats (I get them at Kro.ger in the pet aisle), and a peanut butter filled Kong. I like the Kong because it really does keep Sadie busy for a while, but if you do it too often, she starts to get really quick at it. I stick with once a week or so. She goes batshit crazy for it.

Beautiful Mess said...

Uhhh I didn't know about THESE type of brownies! What the hell?! If you come across any, could you please please PLEASE send em my way? I'll let em clean the toilet, because apparently nobody knows how to pee INTO the damn thing. GROSS!

HereWeGoAJen said...

But you have to leave the little dish of milk out for the house Brownie or he turns into a Boggart. Perhaps you are just blaming the puppy for a mess that the Boggart really made.

Io said...

What? I need a brownie too - both kinds please.
Charlie is a stinker if we leave him alone in the house - he's gotten better, bu he'll tear up any paper products and scatter them about. Every once in a while he'll go for something like my shoes.