Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have been sitting here trying to find a way to say this without it being totally harsh. I mean I don't want to scare away readers but I feel that it is my civil duty to intervene.

Has anyone seen the email or myspace picture of the little chubby boy that is wearing an over sized t-shirt that says "I beat anorexia?" Well, I saw the live shot at a football game Friday night.

The shirt in question was pretty catchy and here is where I may loose a few but again...MY CIVIL DUTY. Ok. Back to the shirt. The shirt was a 2XL ,easy, on a eleven(ish) year old boy. It could have been a dress. Now this little boy had glasses and disheveled hair and was a little heavy. On the t-shirt was this saying.."Jesus died on the cross for Myspace in Heaven." Do you have the mental picture? Little boy, dress/shirt, turquoise in color, football game.

I may be over reacting here but that just screams pick on me. Its not the religious shirt...really...it is this religious shirt on the boy that swallows him and draws attention to his belly.

This strikes a nerve. Maybe it is because my mom dressed me funny too? Maybe I am just a bitchy, haggy, infertile? I just know that when I saw that kid I felt deeply sorry for him.

I promise to never dress you in an over sized adult t-shirt that turns you into a walking billboard.

Its just WRONG.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Interesting. I wonder if he picked it himself.

Marie said...

I don't know but I do know that I have final say over E's wardrobe. I will save him from embarrasment that he may not see now.

The right SIZE would have been a huge improvement.

Beautiful Mess said...

My son, I'm sure has been a topic of conversation because of his choice of clothing. That was last year when he was 4 though. He'd wear rain boots, swim trunks, and a sweatshirt. I didn't have the heart to tell he looked like a dork. 11 though...I'd have to say that is not an attractive look on him. Poor kid *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Poor kid probably doesn't even get the joke.

Morgan Owens said...

aww, poor kiddo.

Io said...

Poor kid. I sure wore weird stuff though and my mom didn't stop me. I got teased, but I think it just made me a badass.