Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is it in the Water??

So I just had a very interesting conversation with my new RE's nurse. Its seems that there are a shit TON of women in my town that are patients at theirs. That may not seem abnormal but I live in a small town in east Texas and my RE is 100 miles away. I just wonder why there are so many in town with problems. Its just seemed to me that she was trying to tell me something. I may be paranoid.

Rewind to a couple of months ago..We received notice that our water did not pass some very important regulations and that no one with weak immune systems as in elderly, children, aids, or leukemia patients. I found this concerning and have been trying to use filtered, bottled water. We have many children with leukemia here. I think I am going to do a little research this weekend.

Another thing we talked about was my history. This was all done on the phone ,btw, with no charge to us yet. I really think I am going to love these people. Anyway, I had a c-section with E and at 16 had a laproscopy surgery looking for endo. Now I have mentioned this to my two gyno's here several times. Nothing..

Nurse said that her daughter had a child with no problems and then had to have an iui due to complications from the c-section. Now we may be dealing with factors on both sides due to mf. She also said that they have seen SA's come back differently all the time. Low counts can be for several reasons. My husband had been working all night and had not had any sleep yet. He was extremely nervous..etc. I am sorry Eric. I know we talked about not including you in blog and I am trying. At least I didn't tell them about.....jk

Ok now that I am single, I will finish my story. I absent mindedly made our appointment for cd 29 and as we all no Flo just can't seem to miss a visit then I simply can't have my lady bits exposed that day. So after talking about our schedules and such we have decided to put our appointment on hold until around the first of the year. It sucks, but I feel we will be at a better place financially and hopefully mentally.

As for today we are going to watch a high school football game and eat nachos.


Aunt Becky said...


HereWeGoAJen said...

Wow, I hope you find out that your town doesn't have water problems.

Io said...

Yikes - the water thing is messed up (and with your blog title? kinda creepy!)
It takes three months to make sper.m, so waiting until next year might be good because it will give Eric time to work on improving the quality.

Anonymous said...

Wuuu...sounds like it's time to call Erin Brokovich (all she's doing is tax commercials anyhow). That does sound creepy. Maybe it's time to go for the whole house water filter. I may have to get one myself. I had one from Sears years ago that was awesome. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

we had MF too. it's no fun. if you need an ear or any RE advice feel free to stop by.