Sunday, September 28, 2008


"Look I hung all my soccer stuff together for my next game."

"Well thats good but we have to wash it first."


As I take a whiff I pass to him. "Here, smell this. Do you want to smell like this?"

He sniffs. "Well I am going to smell like that anyway when I am done!"


Io said...

That is one smart kid.

Beautiful Mess said...

BOYS! Mine says things that leave me dumbfounded. I always say "how am I suppose to argue with THAT?!" It cracks me up, I love it!

nancy said...

That was always my type of arguement when my mom asked me to make my bed. "why? It's just going to be messed up again tomorrow."


*Brandi* said...

LOL, I used to use that excuse for making my bed. "I'm just going to mess it up again tonight!"

Anonymous said...

haha... it makes perfect sense! smart kid!

Morgan Owens said...

He gotcha

Slyde said...

well said! i've learned never to argue with my little one :)

kate said...

Heh, true, true.

I do sometimes wonder if males have a less-sensitive nose than we ladies do. My husband would use a towel until it walked off by itself if I didn't change them regularly. He just doesn't notice when things smell "off", you know?