Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am totally terrified of storms...I mean I get shit-faced and still hide in a corner and sob. Here is the conversation that took place at lunch.

Eric: "did you bring home a pizza"?

Me: "no, is there not something here you can eat?"

Eric: "No and we need to keep everything stocked for all the tornadoes we are supposed to have this weekend."

Me: Ummm What????

no answer.

Just checked forcast...shit...damn hurricane. I do not live on the coast therefore should not be in danger of this shit.


HereWeGoAJen said...

But that is a very good reason for getting pizza!

It seems like there is some kind of scary weather/natural disaster threat no matter where you live.

Anonymous said...

*poking you* Way to show solidarity! lol Just remember to hide in the basement. Here in La. we don't get those. Instead, we have to hide in the bathroom.

kate said...

Yeah, you're in the path of Ike aren't you? Or do I have you confused with someone else? I keep thinking you're in H-town- am I right?
My BFF (and her dogs and her husband and her parents and their dogs...), and H's BFF are in Houston, and so they are in the path of Ike, too. H's BFF has been keeping us apprised of events at the museum where he works (it's a very frickin' big museum of fine arts in that city...), and he says that it's been chaos because they have to move the paintings to safe storage whenever there's even the threat of a hurricane, so they had just begun to get everything unpacked after they had moved it out for Gustav, and now, they've just spent the last week re-packing everything they had just unpacked! Sucks to be them!

Oh, well. I hope you'll be safe. Tornados are scary as hell, but I find that a Xanax can do wonders if you have that sort of paralyzing fear. Shall I send you a few overnight?