Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well we got our tree up but it is not decorated. We have a huge tree and seeing that Eric was still tired and E gave up about the third row of branches, I decided to wait until tonight to decorate.

As I am taking dinner out of the oven, E runs into the kitchen saying we have to have gingerbread cookies for school on Thursday. I say ok we will bake them tomorrow. He is all, "Woo Hoo, we making our own cookies. Most everybody else already sent their cookies and they are in packages, but we get to bake out own YAY". Well crap, I didn't think about buying them.

So my delima here is that I have never baked a gingerbread cookie. Can someone give me the easiest recipe they know?

We are going to wal-mart and I am hoping that I can find a kit of some sort.

I am getting over and cold and E is still complaining with his stomach. I sent him to school but if he doesn't make it then we will just have more time to bake our cookies and decorate our tree.

Feliz Navidad!


Beautiful Mess said...

Maybe you'll luck out and the school will only want store bought cookies? I'm a Polly Anna, what can I say?
We got our tree up and it is HUGE! Hope you can get it all done tonight and nobody is sick!
Enjoy your day!

Lola said...

Baking is not my specialty at all, so I would just head on out, buy some and focus on presentation ;)

They must sell some kind of mix for them. Good luck with that and the tree. Ours sat naked for a week because I was too sick to decorate it, but now it's done.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday, and good luck with the cookies!

SassyCupcakes said...

BakeSpace is awesome for recipes. They have this gingerbread cookie recipe - http://www.bakespace.com/recipes/detail/Gingerbread-Cookies/12094/ It looks pretty good to me.