Friday, December 19, 2008

This little piggy went to..

Good morning all. Today is the last day of school for E this year and the morning of his Christmas party.

I like to see myself in the middle of the mom spectram. I am not the head mom, who sews all of the kids close, always volunteers for room mom, I don't even have a PTA seat at E's school. But! There has been one thing that I have never missed for him. I always attend his school parties. I make something. I take pictures. Teacher get a good gift.

Until this year.

Some Ass hat decided to have the Christmas party at 8:30am. I work outside the home and my workday doesn't get started until 8:30. I can not take off mornings. There is no one to look in on things for an hour.

I is Sad!

So in order to participate in some way, I got up at 5:00am to make pigs in a blanket for the class.

Some of you may not know what pigs in a blanket are. They are sooooo good. First you will need:

Little Smokies (the kind with cheese in them)
Cresant Rolls
Knife (if you are fancy, you can use a pastry knife but I don't have one.)

You cut the cresant into three stips and roll the strips around the weenie(you know I had to put it in here somewhere.) Bake at 350 for I don't really know how long I just keep checking on them.

These are so good and E loves them.

I will drop them off on my way to work as E is with his dad until the day after Christmas. I is sad about that too but I will save that for another post. Probably a teery Christmas Eve one. I will also probably be snippy with the teacher and in a diplomatic fashion tell her what I think about having a Christmas party at 8:30.

But maybe not.

Everybody have a freaken fantastic Friday!!!


Morgan Owens said...

On Christmas Eve we are getting together at my moms to let all the kids open gifts and everyone has to bring some kind of snack and I couldn't think of what to make but I'm going to make those...they sound good...mmm!!

Beautiful Mess said...

A morning party is ridiculous! I totally agree with you. We missed Christmas parties this year because of our snow. We got over 6 inches JUST last night!!! No school ALL week long! I hope you can enjoy Christmas eve, even though your guy will be at his dad's.