Monday, March 24, 2008

The big O

I ovulated Sunday!! We tested this morning and Eric said "you already did it the line is lighter"and I looked and sure enough. I wasnt really sure yesterday if the test line was dark enough but I guess it was because there is a definate difference. We are sure our bd timing was correct so now we are just waiting. It has only been 2 hours how can I possible wait 2 weeks. The theme of Jepordy has been playing in my head all morning. I alway think of it while I am peeing on any kind of stick. I am so proud of my ovaries right now I think I will throw them a party.

I am picking up E from daycare at lunch as he is out of school today and we are going to go to Mcdonalds for lunch I havent seen him all week and I am about to loose it. I cant wait to hug and kiss on him all the while him saying "mom, stop kissing me :(". Yesterday was very hard with him being at his dads but we suffered through. We went fishing, and got all of our flowerbeds ready. I planted flowers, veggies, herbs. Eric planted sperm!!!! :).

2 weeks people, 2 weeks


HereWeGoAJen said...

I will keep my fingers crossed.

Marie said...

and toes, eyes, legs, arms, nose hairs!!!!

astral said...

Spring has sprung!! Good luck to you and I'm hoping to read good news!!

Anonymous said...
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