Friday, March 21, 2008


Well I am not going home for Easter and I feel terrible. My son is with his Dad this year and I just can't face all these kiddos right now. This next sentance is probably going to make me sound like a pagan (am not!) but this is my little box!! My sweet hubby is going to take me fishing all day. Yes he is and I love him dearly for it. Just the two of us with no crowds and peace. I love fishing it is a great way to slow your thoughts and just be. We don't talk we just fish and it is very quite. Usually I can't shut up but at the lake it just feel like there are no words needed. I am sure Eric likes that part. So Ladies when you are in Easter dresses, hoes and heels I will be in Tennis shoes, flannel camo shirt (hubbies), and hair in a pony tail and I will not feel guilty.


Jen said...

Have fun fishing! It sounds very nice and relaxing.

Jen said...

(Responding to your comment on my blog)

Stalk away! I was thrilled and love the attention!