Friday, March 14, 2008


Well my in laws called yesterday and they are making a surprise visit this weekend. I am truly excited. I love, love, love them. I a blessed with a wonderful relationship with them. E loves them too he is excited he cant wait to get home from school because he know they will be waiting. Eric has not seen them since thanksgiving so he is excited as well. I was so busy last night with open house for E and preparing for his Easter party that I didn't get to get the house as ready as I could but I don't think they will mind. Right now I am stuck at work feeling like I am loosing out.

Last night Eric and I were talking before he went to work and he made a comment. Now I not going to tell you exactly what he said because I was a little miffed and he is usually a great partner, hubby, etc. But it had to do with being friends and being married. Sometimes we take for granted our friendship with our spouse. In the beginning of courtship (hopefully) you are building a friendship. Me and Eric were best friends...see I am saying were and I should be saying are. Why does it feel that best friend takes a backseat to marriage? How do you keep that friend connection with your hubbies? I mean the sexless part of your relationship? We all have to nurture friendships with others so what special things do you do to keep that part of your relationship active?

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Anonymous said...

If Eric "was" your best friend then he still "is" your best friend. Does he have another "Best Friend" that you know of? Does he go out alot without you? Do you have another person that is a "best friend" in his eyes? Stand outside and look in, What do you see?